Sunday, April 8, 2012


Day 4 I am back on lomotil.  We had a long drive to the edge of the Kalahari Desert.  We saw kudus and ostriches running.  We saw a pencil bush, which has a white milky sap the Bushmen used for poison arrows.  We visited a Kokerboom or Quiver tree forest.  The Bushmen use the hollowed out branches for quivers for their arrows.  Sociable Weaver birds build huge nests in the branches and keep on building until the nest falls down.  We saw about 200 of them around one huge nest.  The trees look similar to Joshua Trees in the California desert.  Nearby is the Giant's Playground, which looks like giants were tossing huge boulders all around the area.

Pencil Bush

Sociable Weaver nest

Quiver tree forest

Giant's Playground

On the road

Day 5 was Easter Sunday.  Some people went on an early game drive, which sounds wierd in the Kalahari Desert, but they did see giraffes and mongeese.  This was the first breakfast on the trip that I actually was able to eat, so I just relaxed and enjoyed it.

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