Saturday, April 7, 2012


We didn't start till 10 a.m., which gave me a chance to get through the rebound from the Immodium the day before.  We continued on through hours of desert landscape.  At one point, we passed through what seemed like miles of grapevines on each side of the road, which the guide told us is the largest vineyard owned by one person.  It is irrigated by the Orange River, with desert all around it.  Immediately after that was the worker housing, small mean huts that went on for at least another mile.  The road continues on to the government owned diamond mine, where loiterers are reportedly shot on sight.  We turned onto the road through Ai-Ais National Park.  We didn't see any animals in the desert landscape, though there are supposed to be lots of Springbok antelopes.  We continued on for a few more hours of desert before coming to the main gate for the National Park and Ai-Ais Hot Springs Spa resort.  This has lovely marble rooms and thermal baths.

Worker huts

Fish River Canyon

Sangria time!

Sunset at Fish River Canyon

On our drive today, we did see spingbok and ostriches.  We ventured to the Fish River Canyon, the largest in the world next to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but not nearly so pretty because it does not have the colorful rock.  The temperatures here range from 2 to 50 degrees centigrade, although it is just a little hot now.  Christine from Spain made us Sangria to drink while we watched the sun go down.

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