Sunday, April 15, 2012


We travelled southeast to Etosha National Park.  This includes a huge salt pan that is part of the Kalahari Basin.  Our first night was at Halali.  We took game drives and saw elephant,  wildebeest or gnu, spingboks, hartebeest, and giraffe.  Lions would be very hard to see because of the high grass.  Our second night was at Okaukuejo, which has a large water hole where the animals come to drink and you can watch them safely from benches on one side that are fenced off from the pool.  I went there several times and saw antelopes, zebra, and lots of birds.  I did not go after dinner the second night, but reportedly there were rhinos and zebra.  We did see a rhino grazing pretty close up as we left the park.  I was happy about that because I have only seen them in the zoo, rhino preserve or very far away in Serengeti.

The waterhole

Etosha salt pan


A rare daytime rhino shot

We stayed one night in Windhoek, the capital, which was not very interesting except for a pile of moonrocks downtown.

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