Sunday, April 22, 2012


After spending the night in a Bakalunga hut at Planet Baobab in the middle of a huge salt pan that used to be the largest inland sea in Africa, we drove to Chobe National Park.   We took a 3 hour cruise up the Chobe River and I saw a lot less  water buffalo and a lot more elephants than I did on a similar cruise at the same place in December.  There were plenty of crocodiles.  An amazing sight was watching elephants swimming across the river in a line.  Their trunks sometimes touched the elephant ahead of them, and sometimes they were completely submerged with only the trunk up in the air.  One by one they heaved themselves up onto a shallow ledge on the other shore.  There was one elephant lagging behind and it seemed he was having trouble swimming across, as I saw only his trunk at intervals, then it seemed like it didn't some up anymore.  The boat went ahead though, so not sure if he made it.  We enjoyed sunset on the river before heading back to the lodge in Kasane.  Our driver, Dengi, barbecued kudu steaks for dinner.

My room at Planet Baobab

My hut at Planet Baobab


Water buffalo and elephant

Elephants crossing the river

Check out those teeth!


Playing in the mud

Some people got up at 5 a.m. for a morning game drive, but I slept in since I had done one here already.  We left around 9 and crossed the Botswana border into Zimbabwe. 

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