Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We first saw Gibraltar yesterday morning at breakast, but it was covered with clouds.  We must have just been sailing around, because we saw it again in the afternoon.  The top was still a little cloud bound, but the shape was easily recognizable.  We stayed just offshore the rest of the day to refuel.  The straits of Gibraltar are the passage between the Altantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Kind of foggy but you'll recognize the shape!
We had a final party for the Lifelong Learners with hors d'hoerves, champagne, and ice cream cake.  It is strange that I have been with these people for over three months.   There are some amazing people in this group.  The students promise to be even more amazing.

Karen Burns and Sharon Hostler
Field Coordinator and Academic Dean for Spring 2013

Phyllis from Boulder and Jackie from New Jersey

Ed and Barbara Sobie

Today are the last final exams.  I am glad Lifelong Learners don't have to take the tests!

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