Saturday, March 9, 2013


In the wildlife refuge

We got up early in the morning before breakfast to go to Keladeo National Park in Bharatpur,  a huge bird sanctuary.  We all got on rickshaws and rode through the park to see egrets, ducks, storks, kingfishers, cranes, spoonbills and falcons, as well as deer and wild boars.

After breakfast, some of the group went on a village and farm tour, but I opted to stay at the hotel and get an Ayurvedic massage, which was heavenly.

Wildlife refuge
My room in the palace

In the afternoon we went to Fatepur Sikri, an Islamic fort built by Emperor Akbar.  There is an outdoor area made like a Parcheesi board, where slave girls in colorful outfits were used as game pieces while the emperor and guests would look on from a raised viewing platform.

Fatepur Sikri

We returned to our hotel, where they had a fabulous puppet show for us before dinner.

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