Friday, March 23, 2012


Girls at recess

Emma, grade 7, at her first computer lesson

Volunteers Chun from Australia and Tabitha from Germany

Molly and Brook from Colorado

Yesterday was my last day at Christian David School.  I cannot say I am sorry to leave.  It is beautiful here but there have been increasing incidents of volunteers being accosted on the way to or from school, so it does not feel as safe as it did here.  The school itself has a locked fence and barbed wire, so we feel relatively safe inside, unlike the day care volunteers, whose facilities are right in the middle of the township.  I have not formed strong bonds with any of the kids here, probably due to not having a regular assignment and floating around until teaching computers the last two weeks.  

Me and some of my guys

Frst graders lining up for class

May from Egypt gives a concert

Keeley from Germany helping with math

Aaron from Australia tries to control the class

5th graders waiting to get food donations

Jemma from Australia teaches math

Kelsey from Minnesota

I could have stayed in the volunteer house another week for $20 a night, but I am tired of living with 10  young girls/women and one bathroom and am taking a single room at a backpacker's hostel in Capetown.  Tonight I went to the movies at a huge upscale mall in Claremont with Patsy and Sandy, two of the only other older volunteers.  We were to see something that sounds like Marigold Hotel, but that was the only movie that was sold out.  So we went to War Horse and enjoyed it very much.  That is the first movie I have seen in a theater in a year.

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