Friday, May 17, 2013


The final days at sea were eventful but relaxed.  I attended several lectures by a physicist on astronomy and learned about comets, eclipses, and our universe.  I haven't been following this in recent years and missed that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.  One planet (Venus?) has heavy  clouds of carbon dioxide, which cause an atmosphere loaded with sulfuric acid and temperatures of 700 degrees.  Is this our future?  We get a six page mini New York Times, that has an article stating that we have just passed the dreaded milestone of 400 parts per million concentration of carbon dioxide in our air, "a march towards disaster."

I also took several classes on computer photo editing and the new Windows 8 program.  I am not planning on switching from Apple, but thought it would be a good thing to know if I run into it in the future.  The main change is that it uses touch screen a lot instead of the mouse, just like you would do on an IPAD.

A lot of our events are food oriented: an international fair with booths of food from different countries; Dutch and Indonesian High Teas instead of the usual Earl Grey and scones; an early Memorial Day BBQ with chicken, pork, fish and steak; more free cocktail parties to celebrate the end of the voyage.  I am skipping more and more meals since I can't keep up.  The scale here shows that I haven't gained any more weight, but it sure feels like I have gained 20 in the past two weeks!  All this will change soon when I do my own shopping and cooking.  I have been going to the cooking demos on the ship, which include a lot of high calorie foods but also simple fish and chicken recipes. 

I have not done any dancing, casino, or stupid cruise games.  The weather has been pretty good, so just reading on the deck is nice.  Occasionally I walk a few times around the promenade deck, but haven't hit the gym much.  I am excited about getting back to Biltmore Lake and walking the trail around it for my daily exercise.  

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