Monday, January 7, 2013

You're Going Where??

I enjoyed a Kwanza celebration at the Universal Unitarian church in Long Beach with Laurie Mutalipassi before heading back to Santa Monica to finally think about getting ready for my next journey.

The Kwanza Table
I am going on a 110 day voyage around the world with University of Virginia sponsored Semester at Sea.  I have wanted to do this since I was in high school and it was attached to Chapman College in Orange.  Breanne, my roommate in Tanzania, had gone and encouraged me to go as a Lifelong Learner.  This category is people over 40 who audit the classes (no tests or grades!) but enjoy the journey along with the regular undergraduates.

I have started packing but now I am supposed to take half the stuff out!  I have been living basically out of one suitcase for the past year and a half while I was in Africa and Panama, but I need a whole other suitcase for cold weather clothes!  I hate being cold!  I leave for San Diego tomorrow and this is where I am:

 To find out more about the voyage see

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