Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My camera, plug converter and bag of medicine were stolen from my backpack last week while I was walking to the taxi park in Kampala.  The thieves here are experts at unzipping things without one noticing.  I hope someone can use the medicine and I was able to buy a new camera, but I have not been able to find a new universal plug, only an East Africa 3 pronged plug that takes other kinds of plugs.  I don't think this will help me in South Africa.  My new camera has a British type plug.  Hopefully I will be able to get one at the airport in Johannesburg on my way to Capetown.

Leah from Canada, Connor from Colorado, Ryan from Santa Rosa, CA, Andy from England, and Lizzie from San Diego joined me on an excursion to Murchison Falls.  I had been in mid October and saw lots of game.  Now it is much drier and they have burned a lot of the brush to prevent fires so there are black areas all along the road.  The falls were beautiful as ever, though.  We stayed at a budget hotel outside the park the first night and Leah and I had a banda (hut) at Red Chili hostel in the park the second night.  Raymond picked us up at the orphanage in a Toyota van which had a lift top so we could stand up to see the animals in the park.
Me, Leah, Ryan, Connor and Andy with our safari van

Lizzie and me at the Falls

A rainbow appears as the water goes through the small channel

Red Chili banda
Dawn at the Paraa ferry

Giraffe and dry vegetation

Can you find the lion hiding in the bush?

Hippos hide in the water during the hot part of the day

Crocodile slides over a turtle into the water


The kids at the orphanage were happy to see us return, since Jason from England was the only volunteer who stayed there while we were gone.  We enjoyed seeing them as well.  Some of the girls spent time braiding my hair and we watched a BBC nature show on my laptop.
Playing draughts, a favorite game here

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