Friday, October 26, 2012


I have started to pack for my trip home to the US next week. I am a little concerned because demonstrations started last weekend in Colon province against selling government owned land to private companies in the Colon Free Trade Zone.  Panama was formerly practically a colony of the United States,  with military bases in every province.  Understandably they want to keep control of what they have now.

Now there are riots and looting in Panama City,  The bus terminal is closed since all entrances to city are blocked by demonstrators, so there are no buses to Panama City, leaving me with no way to get to the international airport.  Bridges over the Panama canal and in Bocas del Toro are shut down.  Malls are closed due to looting.  There was a picture on the TV news of one guy carrying off a full sized stove.

It is quiet in David, but I heard an announcement of a demonstration at a local mall.

Will I get home?  Or should I move to Valle Escondido?

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