Saturday, October 13, 2012


On Saturday all the the high school students taking classes at the University went to an end of term party at the Adventist compound near Volcan.  It is a huge place with many buildings and sports fields which is a private school during the week.  We took over the huge covered patio that had bleachers on one side and had many activities and games for the kids, which they seemed to enjoy.  All the classes  had different colored T shirts and gave their groups names so they could compete against each other.  We had a parade with all the different groups and the banners they had made.  Many of the groups were my former students since I assisted with two groups each term over two terms.

The entrance to the Adventist school
Some of my fabulous students

...and more

...and more

...and more

...and more

The parade goes on for a quarter mile

My advanced students

Student groups had to make a flag out of newspaper and twigs (Survivor style) and fly it
Ball relay the hard way

Bees loved the cake so much we didn't get to eat it

Some volunteers served a nice lunch one of the families provided which included the usual rice, beans, and potato salad.  There was a gorgeous store bought cake with the Survivor logo on it.  More than half of the students who started the program in January had dropped out for various reasons, so "Survivor" was the theme of the day.  The brother of one of the teachers works on the TV program and she was able to get the logo, some T shirts and bandannas.  Unfortunately, the bees just loved the beautiful cake, and they ended up giving it to the people that worked there so the students didn't get bee stung.  One of the teachers did get a nasty bite and her whole hand swelled up.

So it is goodbye to my high school students, but now I can spend more time on my adult classes.

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