Saturday, June 9, 2012


My time in the USA was running out, so I flew to North Carolina to see my doctor for an annual physical, check on my condo, and renew old friendships.  Despite my fears, my lab tests came back the best they have been in years.  Cholesterol down to 174!  

Deborah and friends

In Asheville I stayed with my friend and next door neighbor, Deborah, who finally was able to get a job there and move down from New York about a month ago.  Her two dogs, Brigitte and Chester, are well behaved but shedding a lot!  She joined me for lunch with friends at Pack Tavern and for a tour of the Nature Center, where my friend Toni is a volunteer.  Eleanor, Jane, and I also went to see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," which was a very funny movie about British retirees in India.
Me, Toni, Kathy, Flor, Eleanor, Deb, and Doris at Pack Tavern

Nature Center

Toni, Linda, Deborah, Eleanor, Judy, and me at the Nature Center
Today my son Matt came to take me to breakfast, so we had a nice walk and talk.  He is flying to New York tonight so he can be in the Tony awards show tomorrow.  I am finishing packing to leave for Panama tomorrow night.

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