Friday, November 25, 2011


This night I had a combination birthday/going away party at our new house.  I went to town to buy ingredients and Bree made cabbage salad and coconut rice.  I bought rolls at the supermarket (a rare find) and cut up a pineapple for dessert.  The most expensive thing was the coconut milk powder, imported from Thailand, at 14,000 shillings (about $9).  Twenty bottles of beer and 5 bottles of soda cost 35,000 shillings ($23).  The 12 rolls were about $2, pineapple 70 cents, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, peanuts, rice, and noodles all cost about $10.

I had given written invitations to 3 of my teachers, since we have a finite amount of seating.  We have a couch and 4 chairs, plus four chairs for the dining table.  To my surprise, 15 people from my school showed up, including the school secretary and headmaster.  They all came together from school.  I had the teachers help me get four chairs from our old house.    I sat on a side table.  Mama Caritas and the 3 Mzungus from Womencraft (Vanya, Ellie and Nancy) came a little later so we were only short about two chairs, and people took turns standing.  Lucky I decided not to invite the missionaries.  I cut the rolls in half and there ended up being enough food for everyone, since Bree likes to cook in large amounts anyway after having worked in a soup kitchen in New York.

We had speeches and the teachers gave me two kangas as a going away present.  I got cards and candy from the Mzungus.  Breana gave me a beautiful shawl.

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