Sunday, September 18, 2011


Bree gives Rob a haircut
LIfe goes on here at Afriline.  The town pump went out, so we were without water for five days then it went on for about an hour a day every few days.  A lot of times that hour happened when we were at school, so we were unable to get water.  Even when we kept the bucket under the tap and left it on, hoping to catch some when it went on intermittently, there was no water.  District officials met and there was no money in the budget for a new pump, but they figured something out and sent to the capital for a new pump at least a week ago.  Still waiting.  I did get an hour and a half of running water today and was able to wash sheets, clothes, clean the bathroom, etc.  During a previous good but brief water episode last week Breana mopped the floors (having a kitty without a litter box and no water is no fun) and I was able to take a shower and wash my hair, which I hadn't been able to do for several weeks.

Poa gets a de-fleaing shampoo
...and comfort after

Meanwhile, we have had graduation at Breana's school in Murguanza and a going away party for four teachers at my school who are either transferring to a new school or going back to university.  These celebrations always last at least four hours.  The students are very creative in providing entertainment, but seem to especially enjoy rapping, dancing, and singing.  They also did some entertaining skits, which were mostly in Swahili but I was able to get the gist of them from the acting.

Teachers and students rock out at going away party for teachers leaving

Yesterday was Saturday.  I went to the internet cafe to see if they had enough power to add to my blog but I could not even open my home page, so don't know when my blogs for this month will get posted.  Probably not till I get to Kigali on midterm break.  I also took one of the teachers who is leaving Monday to go back to school to lunch.  It was sprinkling on my way there but raining pretty good during the half hour walk back.  It kept raining most of the evening.  We are getting into the rainy season and I am a little worried about getting back and forth to school in the rain, since it is over an hour walk away.  All the vehicles seem to disappear when it rains.  Our power was out all day but finally came back on at about 6:30.  Breana went to Rob's and used his stove to make some peanut butter cookies.  He is leaving in about two weeks, and we will surely miss him, his stove, and his hot shower! (when there is water)

My flight home is scheduled for Tuesday, since they did not schedule far enough out when I bought my round trip ticket last spring.  American Airlines does not operate in Africa, and I was unable to reach their contact numbers in Egypt and Capetown, so I ended up having to call them in the USA on my cellphone.  I also called OAT to book a safari trip for December, since I am now unable to even bring up their website, my internet connection is so bad.  Their prices are actually competitive with the quotes I got from travel agents in Mwanza.  I know OAT will give me a good experience, where I was kind of doubtful about 2 nights camping by myself with a guide in Serengeti for $1500.  My last trip to the game parks was 35 years ago.  I have been in Africa for three months and the only "big game" I have seen is two monkeys on the roadside.  I feel my time in Africa will not be complete without seeing a lion and a giraffe in the wild.

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